Professional Standards

Professional Standards of AFTN

Members Commitment

Upon registering in our directory, all our members are required to commit to uphold the AFTN Code of Professional Conduct. It is the members’ responsibility to abide by the code.

Network Responsibility

The Network is not directly responsible for ensuring that our members adhere to the AFTN Code of Professional Conduct, and is not able to get involved in disputes of a contractual nature between our members and their direct clients.

If you are a client and have a complaint by about one of our members, you should communicate directly with that member to resolve any outstanding issues.

Professional Conduct Complaints

Should you not be able to resolve your issue directly with the member, and should you think that the service provided by the member is not up to the standards set by the AFTN Code of Professional Conduct, you may contact directly the AFTN administration with a detailed description of the situation via our contact page. If we deem it necessary, we will be able to take disciplinary action up to and including removing the members’ listing from the online directory.

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